Domain Snoop allows you to search for dropped and expired domains whenever you desire. If you are just looking for domain suggestions type in your niche word and see what comes up! If you do not have a keyword in mind, try out our pre-defined searches. With pre-defined searches you can select, all backlinks option which shows you all the domains in the last 24 hours that have expired or are expiring today with backlinks. Similarly all dictionary listed show any domain which has expired that included dictionary words. All Alexa and all Page Rank show expired domains with Alexa rank and Page rank respectively.

What are the benefits of expired domains?

The main benefit is that these domains have been used before, this means that they may already have backlinks, page rank, Alexa rank or all 3! Search engines have always said that they prefer aged domains to be at the top of search results, our service allows you to quickly and easily find quality aged domains as soon as they are available. We allow all users 10,000 searches a day, so signup and enjoy our services.

What is the difference between expired and dropped domains?

Expired domains are those which have finished redemption period (the period where the domain is offline, although the current owner can still renew it) but may not be ready for new registration for a few more hours. Dropped domains are those which have completely expired and are now ready for registration.

Expired domains backlink reports

Not only do we list the number of backlinks each and every domain has, we also allow you to generate and download backlink reports. We now have an easy to read report with 4 different options to browse through, these are; Anchor text, Referring URLs, Target URLs and view all backlinks. If you are looking to build an expired domain into either a money site or private blog network, backlinks are crucial. We make it easy to differentiate between backlink spam and backlink gold. Try it out for free, every free account is allowed 1 backlink report per day, although you will need to upgrade to premium for more.

Domain availability checker and tracking notifications

If you have ever searched for expiring domains you know the pain of going to order it only to find that it has either not expired yet or has already been registered. Now, if a dropped domain is expiring today you can add it to your watchlist, we will then email you with a direct order link the minute it expires allowing you register it before anyone else! Do bear in mind that this does not automatically register it so you will need to be quick. As with backlink reports free members are only allowed a limited amount, for more you will need to look into premium membership, we have made it as affordable as possible.

Don't want to search each day?

Here at Domain Snoop we have made it even easier to ensure you get your desired domain as soon as it drops. With our premium options you can be emailed every single domain which is being dropped that day or the following day. Be one step ahead of everyone else! We also offer our unique defined searches, every user is allowed 3 defined searches, premium members are now allowed 25!

Defined Searches

Defined searches are our latest addition to the website. In short it is automatically searching for your defined settings so that you do not have to. If your defined search finds results it will email you with a direct link to those results. Free users are able to have 3 defined searches, although are limited to searching for a max page rank of 2. Premium members are allowed up to 25 defined searches, with no limits on any of the expired domains. Let our system do the hard work for you, sit back and wait for your email.

Export results

All members are now able to export search results for offline browsing, just click the 'Export' button and browse at your leisure. We also include all our stats including PageRank, backlinks, Alexa etc.

We scan the web daily to find these expiring domains, so you do not have to! Use us and abuse us, we are here for free, for life.

If you have any feature you want us to add, email us now and we will endeavour to add every single one of them.